Apartments, bungalows or houses. Offsite Housing have the complete solution.

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Factory visits are available.

Beautiful living glass wall, brings in a lot of light.

Most want smart design, a home that not just looks good but feels good. A home that was produced using modern materials bringing their own benefits of thermal effeciency and acoustic reduction. Sadly the construction industry does not have a good track record when it comes to carbon footprints or environmental benefits, we aim to change this. Offsite Housing brings innovation as standard to all our projects.  

Modern materials can add so much.

If a home is designed right at the outset it makes the process of manufacture and eventually living there a better experience. High energy bills, not to mention extortinate maintaince are usually caused by poor design and material choices. Our experience means we know what works. Modern methods of construction (not that modern) means we have processes and systems that make the final product a much higher quality home. 


A picture is worth a thousand words. Curiosity and thirst for information, people want to see and feel a part of the build process. The series of photos shows a tiny house evolution.