About us

The story of our team. 

Sadly most of us are not young men. Our knowledge is the direct result of many years of 'hands on' experience. Working in offsite manufacturing facilities to setting up our own factory. Our team have seen it all.

We have architual design, standard house types to converting someones existing ideas into a reality. Experiencing the Good, Bad and Ugly of the off site world. It is this that sets Offsite Housing apart from the rest. We have had the highs and lows of our industry and we know what works and what does not. All too often the nuances of our industry are ignored. Regardless of how the final buliding looks, a factory built home is not the same as a traditional block and brick house. 

Ignoring this is at your peril. 

We deliver fully volumetric homes, complete right down to the door bell working (as well as everything else) when the power is connected of course. 

2022 & beyond

Big journey ahead!

We all know the size and scale of the housing problem not just in the UK but virtually every western country of the world. We at Offsite Housing are trying to do our bit to help.

Designing energy effecient homes is at the heart of what we do, exceeding UK Future Homes standards and achieving Zero Carbon operating of all our homes. Additionally we are working to reduce our carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. Our green credentials drive us, motoviate us and ultimately define us. Just ask about out energy strategy and methodology.

100 is good business

Systems, process's and standards are the energy running though the DNA of our Offsite Housing team. We believe through experience comes knowledge. Through knowledge comes efficiency. 

Feel free to ask the questions, get the information you need to make educated decisions on your projects.




happy clients...

Our primary desire is to achieve 4 principles.
Ultimately to delivery an exemplar project for our client. Secondly to hit all financial budgets & targets.                               Thirdly to achieve all enviromental & carbon targets.                   Lastly to deliver a quality building on time & in every aspect.

We are very happy to discuss all these points in more detail, please contact us and get the dialogue started.

3 employees, a big deal

The orginal team consisted of only 3, we have now grown our relationships to hundreds of experienced off site professionals. 
Designers, CAD staff, engineers, assemblers, joiners, plumbers and electricians are all within the group.

Some of our team have over 20 years experience in factory delivered units. From hospitals, schools, hotels, houses and apartments to garden rooms. The complete solution!

Just some of our partner list :

Alteco Ltd - www.alteco.ie

Vindo Solar - www.vindosolar.com

Green Energy Alliance - www.greenalliance.ie