Offsite Housing 

The need for accurate and honest information in this sector is almost palpable. All to often the "expert" advice is backed up only by desktop experience. The Offsite Housing team have real hands on experience from design of volumetric homes, setting up factories from scratch through to delivery of new homes. Modern methods of construction are actually not that modern. Many of the systems, process's and materials have been used for years in our industry. However, not as often as they should be for housing projects. Offsite housing falls well behind other sectors such as hospitals, hotels or schools. All have implemented modern methods of construction (MMC) for years. Housing needs to catch up.

Let our team share their experience.

Apartment No. 01

3 Beds, 2 Baths, 110 m²

We have a range of homes from 'tiny home' living right up to 5 bedroom houses.

Contemporary living in a modern factory delivered home does not compromise on any element of comfort, innovation or design. Offsite houses have come a long way from the post war 'prefabs' that still prevails within the sector. Modern method of construction, 21st century materials and products all contribute to a modern high quality house or apartment.

Ask for more details or send us your own ideas.

£POA depending on specification choices

Apartment No. 02

2 Beds, 2 Baths, 79 to 92 m²

Design is such a personal choice. Too often opinions clash and manufacturers determine specification with limited choices.
Offsite Housing wants to be different. We want to be flexible and innovative, encompassing all the benefits of a factory built home. Future Home Standard is the benchmark of where we start. 

Let your imagination free. Call us to discuss your choices.

£POA depending on specification.

The Loft

1, 2, 3 & 4 Bed options, 39 to 190 m²

Roof top living has never been more popular or available. Land in UK & Ireland are at all time 'highs' with no indication of dropping. Consider 'air space' as viable alternative. Offsite housing have the knowledge to design and deliver your 'air space' apartment. You just need to find the roof.
We have multi modules that can be configured to suit one person living alone to family units with multiple bedrooms. All utilising modern methods of construction and our offsite factory. 

Many options,  contact us for informal conversation.

£POA depending on choices.


Space standards to personal choice.

We have a many options.
From bungalows, (1 & 2 Bed) 2B3P, 2B4P, 3B5P, 4B6P houses all available. 2 storey and room in roof options.
Good design is at the heart of what we do. Design determins manufacturing requirements, innoviation determins effeciency, in production and living.

£ Depends on 

External view of tiny house.

Quality is at the heart of what we do, detailing on everything from internal electrics and plumbing to final finishes.